Trampoline Jump2it GameMat

A FUN way to Exercise & Learn!

Jump2it GameMat Available
with the following Trampoline:

JumpSport SoftBounce Trampoline

The ALL NEW Jump2IT GameMat turns a trampoline into an important math learning tool that Multiplies the fun in your backyard! With the Jump2IT GameMat's clock face, colorful shapes, numbers, and math symbols, the trampoline is transformed into a GIANT educational game board

It's Mathmagical!

Trampoline Math? YES, trampoline math is fun! Instead of using boring flash cards, just imagine how much fun your kids will have practicing their math tables while jumping on the trampoline!

And when you add other JumpSport accessories like our trampoline basketball backboard ... You’ll have a winning combination. Isn’t it Time, to Sum-it-up in your own backyard! …

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  • Kids have fun playing educational games using colorful shapes, math symbols and clock face printed on trampoline jumping surface.
  • GameBook and Activity Cards included with purchase.
  • Additional downloadable Trampoline Games available on website.
  • Fully compatible with all JumpSport & AlleyOOP Accessories: Basketball, GamePak, Tent, Hoppy Ball, etc.

SAFETY NOTE: The Jump2it GameMat is designed for trampolines that are equiped with our #1 Rated Safety Enclosures! Ages 6-Adult