First of five patents pending issued today

SARATOGA, Calif.—April 21, 2000JumpSport, the trampoline safety company, has been awarded US patent no. 6053845 for its trampoline safety enclosure invention, now marketed under trade name, JumpCourt™. The patent describes a net enclosure system that surrounds a trampoline for the purpose of preventing users from falling or bouncing off the trampoline and thereby addressing one of the leading causes of trampoline injury.

“The JumpCourt safety enclosure has already prevented thousands of injuries in the three years it has been available and we are hopeful that the patent protection we’ve received will help to prevent more injuries as it discourages the marketing of cheap imitations,” said Mark Publicover, JumpSport CEO and inventor of the JumpCourt safety enclosure. “JumpCourt was designed from the ground up to be a safety solution and as such it has been proven to be significantly stronger, more durable, and better-engineered than competing products that infringe our patents.”

JumpCourt is a first-of-its kind invention. The patent covers specific design elements such as the enclosure’s series of strong and flexible, force-absorbing, padded steel poles attached to the trampoline in such a way so as to provide 360 degrees of protection. The net and pole structure is engineered to re-direct jumpers back to the trampoline rebounding surface should they come in contact with the net. The invention also includes a unique overlapping doorway design that allows easy access, but requires no user intervention to remain closed, thus eliminating the possibility of users falling out the doorway.

“The patent awarded today is the first of several we expect to receive, all related to trampoline safety,” said Publicover. “Trampolines are soaring in popularity and it is our mission to make sure they are as safe as possible so that families and kids can enjoy the physical fitness and recreational benefits of trampolines with peace of mind.”

About JumpSport
JumpSport is the leading provider of trampoline safety net enclosures and safety-engineered trampolines. Founded in 1997 when CEO Mark Publicover invented and patented the world’s first trampoline safety net enclosure, JumpSport today has incorporated into its products more than 25 safety innovations, based on five patents/patents-pending, that are designed to help eliminate the causes of trampoline injury. JumpSport lets families and kids enjoy the great health and fitness benefits of trampoline exercise with the assurance of knowing they are using the industry’s safest trampolines. www.jumpsport.com

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