Looking for trampoline safety? Get some trampoline accessories!

JumpSport has always prided itself with keeping safety an important part of every product we sell. From our Trampoline Safety Net Enclosures to our ProFlex Trampoline Basketball Set, safety is what keeps the fun going. Trampoline accessories are a large part of keeping kids active!

Trampoline Safety

A Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure is a critical, must-have accessory for any trampoline. Surrounding the trampoline with a strong, yet flexible system that will catch your child, keeping them safely inside the trampoline.

A Trampoline Ladder is another important item in our line of trampoline accessories. Most people don't realize a trampoline is about 3 feet off the ground. Which makes it difficult for younger children, and some older ones, to get into without pulling on the enclosure netting or the poles.

Trampoline Accessories mean Trampoline Games!

Game and Party Pak helps instill safe trampoline use while having fun with friends. The game book has over 20 games that will keep multiple children active while teaching them to do it safely.

Girls, and boys, like to sleep out under the stars, but the ground can be hard and creepy crawlies can make that, well, icky. That's where our BigTop Outdoor Trampoline Tent and OutBack Backyard Trampoline Tent come in handy. 11' wide and 5 1/2' tall, they are large enough for 4 to 5 ten year olds to sleep, and play, comfortably. With one door and three windows, children can spend hours of playtime inside.

ProFlex Trampoline Basketball Set, the perfect example of fun and safety coming together. Our unique, patented design flexes with your jumper, helping to avoid rim/wrist collision injuries. And that keeps the game going.