JumpSport, The World’s Safest Trampolines! JumpSport, The World’s Safest Trampolines!
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  • Safety made affordable!
  • 1" diameter enclosure poles covered with UV protected foam.
  • Safety enclosure with “unforgettable” door, giving parents peace of mind.
  • Rated for up to 180lbs jumper.
  • *Trampoline Sold Separately.
Price:  $189.00

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Sports Product of the Year

Model 180 Safety Enclosure

A High Quality JumpSport Trampoline and Safety Net saves you up to $100 per year in maintenance/replacement costs!

Even though our 180 Enclosure does not compare with the high quality and durability of our 280/380/480 Safety Enclosures, it is still far superior in construction and quality to the "throw away" models found in discount stores. Cheap trampolines and enclosures fall apart quickly... Springs fatigue rapidly, stretch out, and loose their bounce. Enclosure nets break after just a few major impacts, and the pads covering the springs begin to disintegrate within months.

JumpSport Safety Enclosure Model 180 Specifications

"Is my trampoline compatible with a JumpSport Safety Net?" (click here)

  • Simple and Complete
  • All Components - 1 year

What is the difference between your Safety Enclosures?

Model 280
Fits most 10'-14' Trampolines

Our least expensive model uses our double-back-up safety design and our EZ-up installation system. 2.5 hours to install. Rated for up to 200 lb. jumpers

Model 380
Fits most 10'-14' Trampolines

Same soft-woven net as our 280. Comes with our added triple-back-up safety design - an additional strap/shock cord suspension system at each of its 8 poles improves safety and impact absorption. Just 3 hours to install. Rated for up to 230 lb. jumpers

Model 480 & 480XT
480 Fits most 10'-14' Trampolines
480XT Fits most 15'-16' Trampolines

Our heavy-duty enclosure improves on the 380 with the addition of our high-strength safety net that is 70% stronger. Just 3 hours to install. Rated for up to 295 lb. jumpers.

Model 780XT
Fits most Rectangular Trampolines

Same as our 480XT, but now with extra tall poles and netting making it the first and only model available designed to meet ASTM height requirements for enclosures on large square and rectangular trampolines. Will fit most popular large frame sizes. Buy the best — a patented JumpSport safety enclosure and trampoline system! Rated for 295 lb. jumpers

All JumpSport Safety Enclosures are manufactured with our patented safety technology, so the competition can't match our results. JumpSport's Founder and the inventor of the trampoline safety enclosure, Mark Publicover (the father of three active kids) and the rest of the JumpSport team engineered our enclosures with an advanced safety system that has already been awarded multiple US patents. Impact testing has proved that our enclosures provide unmatched strength and flexibility. A very important feature that separates us from the competition is that JumpSport Safety Enclosures are the only systems sold that incorporate a “fail-safe” or “back-up” design. Unlike the competition, our safety nets have 2 or 3 net support elements, any one of which is strong enough to safely catch a 200 lb. person.

1st Safety Feature

A heavy-duty strap (with over 1500 to 2500 lb./in. burst strength!) weaves through the top of the netting to provide the primary net suspension support.

2nd Safety Feature

Our “Exo-System” design wraps the net around the outside of the poles. Even if the upper strap were to break, the net cannot collapse during an impact because it surrounds poles. When a person impacts the net on one side, the poles on the other side hold the net up and flex toward the impact, helping to “catch” the falling jumper and keep them safely inside!

3rd Safety Feature

The net is attached to each pole using interwoven shock cords held in place by a high strength strap wrapped candy cane fashion up the pole. Our Fail-Safe systems mean peace of mind - giving you the only true safety enclosure available. Note: This feature only available on model 380, 480, 480XT, 780XT, and AlleyOop trampoline enclosures.


  • Protect your kids and their friends: Comprehensive studies show that 45 - 55% of all trampoline injuries result from fall-off accidents. Safety enclosures have been proven to increase trampoline safety.
  • Commitment to Safety: JumpSport has designed the safest trampolines and enclosures.
  • Patented Overlapping Door Entry: There's nothing to open or close, just slip through the overlap and you're in!
  • Gain access to the TOP selling Accessories on the web! All JumpSport trampoline accessories are guaranteed to be compatible with JumpSport safety enclosures model 280 and up!

JumpSport Enclosure Shipping Information:

This product ships in one box:

JumpSport 180 Safety Enclosure

Box Description: Weight (lbs.) Dims in Inches (L x W x H)
Safety Enclosure Box 58 80 x 10 x 10

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