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  • Kids bounce to new heights of fun while still playing safe!
  • Extra springs means more horse power bounce for bounce.
  • Higher weight rating than other JumpSport Classic Round models.
  • Includes our EXCLUSIVE: PowerArms, PowerHooks, and PowerSprings.
  • Looking for a gift? Check out our Perfect for the Active Teen POWER Bundle!
Price:  $719.00

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JumpSport PowerBounce™ Features
Those who have tested the new PowerBounce™ system have this to say about it: “Astonishing”, “Awesome”, and simply “Wow!”

This state-of-the-art technology improves both shock-absorption and bounce performance. It’s the first and only single-bed trampoline that can be tuned for different age, weight, and skill levels, yet it also broadens the performance spectrum so that jumpers with a wider range of weights and skill levels can safely enjoy the same setup.

Powerbounce Assembly - in Action

The heart of the PowerBounce system is our patented TripleStage-DualSpring™ assembly. Each assembly consists of two High-Performance springs mounted on our PowerArm™ fitting. The upper, Primary Spring locks the PowerArm™ into the V-ring, while the lower, PowerSpring™ attaches to one of the PowerArm's three stages--the top, middle, or bottom setting.

Soar to new levels! The PowerArm™ linkages work like levers as the PowerSprings stretch, and this significantly improves the bounce performance. The bottom setting provides the best combination of shock absorption and performance because it super-stages the springs.

    JumpSport PowerBounce™ Specifications
  • The PowerBounce™ trampolines have all of the features and specifications of the StagedBounce™ Trampolines (see details) as well as some exclusive advantages listed below.
  • The mat has 10 rows of stitching and a UV shield with the addition of high-strength heavy-duty mat edging designed to withstand the increased demands of power jumping.
  • The 14' trampoline has 96 Primary springs and 32 PowerSprings™ for a total of 128 springs.
  • The 12' trampoline has 80 Primary springs and 20 PowerSprings™ for a total of 100 springs.
  • The PowerBounce trampolines all come with adjustable PowerBounce Assemblies, allowing a wide range of performance customization options using the included PowerArms, PowerHooks, and PowerSprings.
  • 14' maximum single-user weight rating up to 255 lbs.*
    (*Real world testing to a combined weight of over 800 lbs!).
  • 12' maximum single-user weight rating up to 245 lbs.*
    (*Real world testing to a combined weight of over 800 lbs!).

  • Steel Frame and Poles – 10 years (prorated)
  • Springs – 5 years
  • Jumping Mat Fabric – 5 years
  • Mat Stitching/Strapping – 2 years

What is the difference between JumpSport Trampolines?

SoftBounce Trampoline

  • Best bounce in its class!
  • SoftBounce system is more forgiving, puts less stress on the body for a great low-impact workout.
  • Taller frame for deeper, smoother bounce.
  • 80 Extra-Stretch 7-inch springs for better performance.
  • Durable jet black powder coat finish.
  • Thick frame/spring pad: EPE closed-cell foam with strong PVC covering.

StagedBounce Trampoline

  • All SoftBounce Features plus the following major enhancements:
  • StagedBounce Safety System: Asynchronous Spring Tensioning provides a Softer Landing & Safer Rebound with less kickback force.
  • 96 Extra-Stretch 8.5-inch springs for increased bounce performance.

PowerBounce Trampoline

  • All StagedBounce Features plus the following major enhancements:
  • PowerBounce model adds up to 32 Dual-Spring assemblies with adjustable PowerCams™ for best performance & customization.

Safety comes first with JumpSport. JumpSport was founded to make the fun and exciting sport of trampolining, safe for everyone. In fact, as the Original Inventors of the Trampoline Safety Enclosure, JumpSport made other manufactured trampolines safe before we began manufacturing safe, high-quality trampolines.

  • See why our trampolines out-perform the competition [Learn More]
  • See why our safety nets out-perform the competition [Learn More]
  • Meets or Exceeds all Federal Standards and Exceeds the voluntary ASTM Impact Performance Test Standard
  • In 2000, the company was invited to become one of just 35 founding members of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's "Product Safety Circle," along with companies like McDonald's, Fisher-Price, Inc., Whirlpool Corporation, Nordstrom, Inc., Mattel, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, and others.

JumpSport knows that parents have cheaper options at discount stores. With over 16 years of experience in this industry and many innovations and patents that have improved trampoline use, we also have seen the high failure rate from these manufacturers.

  • Do you feel safe knowing that manufacturers cut corners wherever they can to hit a certain price point, regardless of safety?
  • Did you know that two major manufacturers had large recalls from those same discount-type trampolines and safety nets?
  • Are you aware that many discount trampolines don’t provide Customer Service Support, parts or even a website? With their 90-day warranty, where does this leave you?
  • Do you have the same piece of mind about the safety of your children and their friends with a discount model?


  • Protect your kids and their friends: Comprehensive studies show that 45 - 55% of all trampoline injuries result from fall-off accidents.
  • Builds Athleticism: JumpSport's games and accessories develop balance, spatial awareness and stamina and encourage safer play activities.
  • “Movement is the door to learning” - Paul E. Dennison. Our games enhance visual acuity and stimulate and build neural networks that improve learning ability.
  • Great training and conditioning for teens: skiing, snow/wake boarding, cheer leading, etc.
  • Adults benefit from improved balance, spatial ability (learn more)
  • Fun, healthy alternative to television and video games, right in your own backyard.
  • Net acts as a security fence to discourage unauthorized use of your trampoline.

JumpSport PowerBounce Trampoline Shipping Information:

This product ships in three boxes for each size:

12 foot Powerbounce

Box Description: Weight (lbs.) Dims in Inches (L x W x H)
Trampoline Box 1 125 63 x 18 x 12
Trampoline Box 2 49 11 x 10 x 9
Trampoline Box 3 19 9 x 8 x 6

14 foot Powerbounce

Box Description: Weight (lbs.) Dims in Inches (L x W x H)
Trampoline Box 1 137 72 x 19 x 8
Trampoline Box 2 57 42 x 18 x 12
Trampoline Box 3 19 9 x 8 x 6

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