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Main Installation Page

Trampoline Installation

  • Frame Installation
  • Mat Installation
  • Frame Pad Installation

Enclosure Videos Part 1

  • Safety Enclosure Pole Assmebly
  • Safety Enclosure Alternative Pole Assembly
  • Safety Enclosure Pole Installation - U-bolts
  • Safety Enclosure Pole Installation - Straight Bolts
  • Safety Enclosure Net Installation
  • Safety Enclosure Door Installation

Enclosure Videos Part 2

  • Safety Enclosure
    1' Bungee Installation
  • Safety Enclosure
    6' Bungee Installation
  • Safety Enclosure Alternate 6' Bungee Method 1
  • Safety Enclosure Alternate 6' Bungee Method 2
  • Safety Enclosure Pole Strap Installation

Accessory Videos

  • Ladder Installation
  • Power Bounce Installation

Replacement Mat Videos

  • JumpSport Trampoline
    Mat Replacement

Trampoline Installation Videos

JumpSport Trampoline Frame Installation

This video illustrates the easiest order and technique to assemble the trampoline frame.

JumpSport Trampoline Mat Installation

This video demonstrates the proper method for installing the trampoline mat. The video begins by orienting the mat correctly in the middle of the frame and continues with step by step instructions for adding the springs.

JumpSport Trampoline Frame Pad Installation

This video encompasses all aspects of assembling the trampoline pad and attaching it to the trampoline. It begins with how to layout the pads on the trampoline and install the pad bungee. The video proceeds with installing the pad connectors and finishes with how to correctly position the trampoline pad in relation to the trampoline frame.

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