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Main Installation Page

Trampoline Installation

  • Frame Installation
  • Mat Installation
  • Frame Pad Installation

Enclosure Videos Part 1

  • Safety Enclosure Pole Assmebly
  • Safety Enclosure Alternative Pole Assembly
  • Safety Enclosure Pole Installation - U-bolts
  • Safety Enclosure Pole Installation - Straight Bolts
  • Safety Enclosure Net Installation
  • Safety Enclosure Door Installation

Enclosure Videos Part 2

  • Safety Enclosure
    1' Bungee Installation
  • Safety Enclosure
    6' Bungee Installation
  • Safety Enclosure Alternate 6' Bungee Method 1
  • Safety Enclosure Alternate 6' Bungee Method 2
  • Safety Enclosure Pole Strap Installation

Accessory Videos

  • Ladder Installation
  • Power Bounce Installation

Replacement Mat Videos

  • JumpSport Trampoline
    Mat Replacement

Trampoline Accessory Installation Videos

JumpSport Ladder Installation

This video illustrates a simple way to assemble the SureStep ladder.

JumpSport Power Bounce Installation

This video shows how to both install and adjust the PowerBounce system.