Innovating Safety Used Worldwide - JumpSport Trampolines

To be effective in protecting against injury, trampolines must be engineered for safety. That means they must be designed specifically to address known causes of injury with the goal of preventing those injuries. JumpSport has designed its trampolines in exactly this way, incorporating safety innovations based on years of experience with how kids actually use trampolines. JumpSport uses high quality materials and construction and does not sacrifice safety for cost.

Other than fall-off injuries, which are addressed with JumpSport's patented and award-winning trampoline safety enclosure, leading causes of injury are: 1) landing awkwardly on the trampoline mat and 2) impacting the trampoline frame or springs.

Here's how JumpSport's safety-engineered trampolines protect against these types of injuries:

High quality frame pads protect jumpers from impacts with the frame or springs

JumpSport frame pads meet high quality ASTM standards. They are extremely durable, made with thick, closed-cell foam and covered with a high quality PVC that is UV and water-resistant. The pad is securely attached to the frame and it completely covers the springs and circular frame rail so that kids are protected from contact with both the frame and the springs (and can't fall through the springs).

Innovative spring technologies reduce impact force

JumpSport technologies, StagedBounce™ and VariableBounce™ allow the trampoline springs to engage incrementally so that a jumper's impact is absorbed in stages. This reduces the sharp kickback force that occurs when more than one jumper uses the trampoline. It also provides a softer and smoother jumping experience, one that reduces stress on the jumper's back, neck, and legs, significantly reducing potential for injury.

Adjustable spring technology improves performance and protects a wide range of jumpers

JumpSport's unique PowerBounce™ technology, available in both the JumpSport and AlleyOop Sports product lines, is the only trampoline technology that allows the trampoline to be tuned for various ages, weights, and skill levels of jumpers. The PowerArms work like levers as the springs stretch, significantly improving the bounce height and providing the best combination of safety and performance.

Overall quality construction designed to be extra strong, durable, and virtually fail-safe

Last, but not least, a safe trampoline is a strong and durable trampoline, built with high quality materials that can stand up to not only years of use, but also rain, sun, heat, and cold. JumpSport trampoline frames are built with heavy gauge steel, use high-quality zinc-plated steel springs that connect to the V-rings on the mat, and the v-rings are sewn into the edge of the mat using 10 rows of UV-resistant thread. The mat itself is made of Permatron® polypropylene, the most advanced mat material available today.

A commitment to safety

Safety comes first with JumpSport. JumpSport was founded to make the fun and exciting sport of trampolining, safe for everyone.

Remember: Always follow the safety rules, always use a trampoline safety enclosure, and always buy genuine JumpSport or AlleyOOP Sports brand safety-engineered trampolines to get the original and still unmatched safety innovations designed to last a lifetime!