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A Children's Trampoline Safety Video: Helps to Reduce Injuries and Builds Self Esteem

by Marla Dennis, Capri Public Relations

Yes, Mom, there really are positive attributes to trampoline exercise. Although parents are hounded by negative reports about the overwhelming unsafe practices of trampolines, there really is good news about this form of exercise. "The non-somersaulting benefits of trampoline is one of the best kept secrets in the world. Rebounding will exercise and strengthen every muscle, organ, and cell in your body. Trampoline is not only fun but will enhance overall coordination, strength, flexibility, timing and balance," writes Michael Brook, owner of High Performance Productions in Arvada, Colorado and 25-year national veteran of high performance, and a Colorado State Trampoline Champion, a Member of the Great American High Diving Team and a premier professional freestyle snow skier in the aerial acrobatic event.

Although Brook has an extensive acrobatic background, he believes the real benefits of trampoline have been overlooked. Brook's newly released safety instruction video and written guide for parents and children, High Performance Techniques for Trampoline Safety, details the physical, emotional, and mental attributes of rebound exercise. The first backyard trampoline safety video on the market, starring Brook, is designed to help the child obtain the maximum health benefit while keeping safety first. By following the guidelines in the video, parents can help their children cultivate a positive attitude toward safety, think before they act, and accept responsibility for their choices. (Brook strongly recommends parents purchase a JumpCourt safety enclosure for their backyard trampolines.)

According to trampoline manufacturers, trampoline home sales are rising steadily. With that, safe rebound practices are on the minds of parents. The most catastrophic injuries on the trampoline are the result of attempting somersaults or inverted skills or jumping two at the same time. Over a half million trampolines a year sold to families in United States result in over 50,000 sports injuries due to little or no proper instruction. Until now. Children can now enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of today's most popular backyard sport: Trampolining.

The video offers more than just basic skills, techniques and safety awareness. Brook combines his 25 years of positive motivation expertise with his athletic, fitness and well-being expertise. Children will not only learn the fun and safety of trampolining but how to translate the skills of choice and responsibility to their lives. The video introduces basic imagery techniques used by top athletes that will help your children to enhance their performance on and off the trampoline. The instruction provides children with a variety of non-somersaulting skills that will enhance safety, timing, coordination, balance, and kinesthetic awareness.

Although children need physical play as part of successful development, there are risks involved. With High Performance Techniques for Trampoline Safety, parents and children can now be guided how to use their recreational trampoline appropriately. The free booklet which accompanies the video, Parents Guide to Trampoline Safety, will help parents understand why physical activity is so important in a child’s mental development. Proper rebound exercise will help develop balance, coordination and sensory acuity.

Brook’s experience in health and fitness include training as a certified Lymphologist and the discipline of Psychological Kinesiology. His interest in the mind/body connection and the belief that most illness (physical, mental and emotional) and accidents are preventable led him to design innovative programs for High Performance Living. These inspirational programs have been presented to over a million students and business professionals across the western United States.

Mr. Brook is available for High Performance Living presentations to businesses and associations nationwide.

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