Safety & Benefits Getting Fit Safely

Safety First ~ In 1996 we invented what is widely recognized as the most important trampoline safety innovation ever; the trampoline safety net. It's protected millions of kids around the world –maybe even yours. Today, 17 safety patents later, we continue to lead the industry and make trampolines engineered to our exacting safety and quality standards and built to last. Give your family the safest way to bounce, get fit, grow, and play. Let the fun begin!

The three most important safety features of a trampoline are:

1) strong safety net that protects kids from falling off or impacting the frame or springs;

2) an energy-absorbing bed/spring system that keeps jumpers safe from hard rebounds; and,

3) creating games that encourage safe play on the trampoline.

1. Long-lasting Fall Protection

Our nets are, simply, the best in the business. Rugged, sturdy, UV-resistant, they last for years & can take thousands of impacts without losing their integrity.

2. Shock Absorbing Jumping Surface

Our numerous patents on bed and spring system enable us to design a trampoline with a more forgiving jumping surface. This minimizes the level of forces on the jumper while still allowing for a smoother and livelier bounce performance.

3. Trampoline Games to Encourage Safer Play

We were the first company to invent game activities, like our basketball set and geometry games rather than just horseplay, our games provide a structured and competitive environment that naturally encourages kids to self-govern and "follow the rules.