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1000's of Mother Speak the Truth

JumpKING Trampoline and Enclosure RECALL

Hedstrom Trampoline RECALL

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Counterfeit JumpCourt Safety Enclosures are being sold by unauthorized retailers. JumpSport has sued over 11 companies for selling poor quality enclosures that infringe our patents.

JumpSport performed several live impact demonstrations on Jumpking’s trampoline enclosure, the Fun-ring™. As you can see from the movie, Jumpking’s trampoline enclosure collapses during an impact because the Fun-ring™ netting is only supported by bungee cords (Hedstrom also uses bungee cords). This collapsing effect can cause injuries because the bungee cords, as they begin to spring back, accelerate the jumper into the trampoline frame as he falls. In fact, the individual performing this demonstration was severely bruised when he hit the trampoline frame even though the foam padding covering the frame was doubled. On the third impact the arched-pole of the Fun-ring™ trampoline enclosure broke apart. Jumpking labels its product as a training aid and not a safety enclosure even though they know that parents buy their product to prevent fall-off accidents! They only offer a 90 day warranty on their net. Unlike Jumpking, our JumpSport Triple-Fail-Safe™ trampoline enclosures exceed 100 live impacts!

1000's of Mothers Speak the Truth!

JumpSport's patented trampoline enclosure was the first to be sold through large retailers so we have heard from 1000's of grateful mothers/parents. These mothers have told us that our trampoline enclosures have saved their kids from falling off “too many times to count.” Unfortunately, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) committee passed a new Standard for trampoline enclosures that requires only 3 impacts from a swinging weight that is not dropped or allowed to fall like a real body. JumpSport strongly encouraged the committee to significantly increase the number of impacts, but Jumpking, Hedstrom, and the other manufacturers of trampoline enclosures sitting on the committee voted against JumpSport.

CPSC, Trampolines Recalled by Sportspower Limited Due to Fall Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Walmart - May 9, 2012

• Hazard: The netting surrounding these trampolines can break, allowing children to fall through the netting and be injured.

Find full release/recall info at

CPSC, Jumpking Inc.® Announce Recall of 1 Million Trampolines and 300,000 "FunRing" Enclosures - January 25, 2005

• Hazard: Welds on the trampoline frame can break during use, resulting in falls and possible injuries and the mounting brackets of the FunRing enclosures have sharp edges, which can cause lacerations.

Find full release/recall info at

CPSC, Hedstrom Corp. Announce Recall of 116,000 Trampolines - July 31, 2003

• Hazard: Welds on the trampoline frame can break during use, resulting in falls and possible injuries.

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Maintain Your Trampoline & Safety Enclosure

Trampoline Spring Pad Covers.
For prices and ordering go to Repair/Parts. Click here.

Maintain your enclosure and freshen up its appearance.
We now have pole sleeves made from outdoor grade PVC in 2 colors: Blue & Dark Green. These slipcovers will protect the pole foam and last for many years. To order go to Repairs/Parts Click here.

Safety Enclosure Net Maintenance.
Trampoline Enclosure: Net Maintenance. All JumpSport trampoline safety nets have a top strap (yellow or black) and a bottom strap (red or black) that are hand woven into the netting. The bottom strap and the short pad straps that are used to tie bottom strap to the trampoline jumping mat should be replaced every 2 years, depending on the amount of use and the hours of sun exposure. All new straps are black and will last longer... 3-4 years. Check your straps annually for wear. To order go to Repair/Parts. Click here.