Trampoline Installation Videos

These videos are designed to be used in conjunction with the JumpSport manual that comes with your trampoline, enclosure, or accessory. We filmed each step of the recommended installation process for JumpSport and AlleyOOP trampolines and enclosures, as well as some useful alternative methods. The videos have been shot in segments, so if you would like a demonstration of a specific step, scroll down to the step in question and you can simply watch the individual clip. We hope you find these useful! Please note these are representative of several different trampolines and enclosures. Please be sure to follow the printed instructions that comes with your product. Thank you for purchasing a JumpSport trampoline!

AlleyOOP DoubleBounce

DoubleBounce Installation Videos

These videos illustrate the easiest way to assemble your new AlleyOOP trampoline!

Safety Enclosure

Safety Enclosure Part 1

These videos walk you through step by step how to assemble the safety enclosure poles. It shows the correct assembly of pole segments, foam pad, sleeve, & ball end cap.

Safety Enclosure

Safety Enclosure Part 2

These videos will talk you through step by step how to assemble the safety enclosure pole bungees and the correct way to secure them for safety.

Main Trampoline Installation
These will show you how to install the frame, mat, and pad of your new trampoline!

DoubleBounce Trampoline

DoubleBounce Enclosure Installation

These videos show a step by step guide showing how to install the DoubleBounce Enclosure.

Trampoline Accesories

JumpSport Accesories Installation

These videos will show you how to install all JumpSport Accesories!

Trampoline Manuals

Trampoline Manuals

Looking for a copy of your trampoline manual? Check out this page for a list of every manual we've created so far!