Consumer Product Safety Commission
Trampoline Safety Alert

CPSC Document #085

The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants you and your family to be safe when using trampolines. The CPSC estimates that in 1998 there were 95,000 hospital emergency room-treated injuries associated with trampolines. About 75 percent of the victims are under 15 years of age, and 10 percent are under 5 years of age. Since 1990, CPSC has received reports of 6 deaths involving trampolines [less than 1 death per year, compared with approximately 20 deaths per year involving play equipment/swing sets]. The hazards that result in injuries and deaths are:[The JumpCourt Safety Enclosure and Game activities were designed to dramatically reduce the risks associated with the following hazards:]

* Falling or jumping off the trampoline.

[Nearly 80% of all hospitalizations/injuries needing surgery/overnight observation, 35-50% of all emergency room visits÷treated and released, and 5 of 6 deaths since 1990 occurred as a result of fall-off accidents. * Consumer Alert: JumpSport labels and sells the JumpCourt as a safety enclosure, engineered to practically eliminate the risk of fall-offs; JumpKing labels their Fun-Ring enclosure as a "training aid" and not as a "safety" enclosure. The JumpCourt withstands over 100 times more impacts than the Fun-Ring at rated weights.]

* Falling on the trampoline springs or frame.

[The JumpCourt netting attaches to the trampoline mat, making injury-causing frame collisions highly unlikely. Because the protective padding covering the springs and frame is notorious for coming loose and/or blowing off, the JumpCourt is designed to hold the padding firmly in place.]

* Colliding with another person on the trampoline.

[JumpSport’s research shows that many families do not follow the "one-jumper-at-a-time" rule. The JumpCourt helps to reduce multiple-jumper collisions in several ways: First, the JumpCourt significantly increases the useable play area. Jumpers naturally migrate toward the center of the trampoline to avoid falling off. With a safety enclosure, jumpers feel free to use the entire mat area. This practically doubles the safe useable space, potentially halving collisions. Second, enclosures more than triple a jumper’s collision-avoidance/escape zone. Now users can jump off the mat and out of harms way without falling. Third, because playtime on many backyard trampolines is disorganized and chaotic, unnecessary injuries occur. JumpSport conceived of the JumpCourt as a play center and created the GamePak with over 20 challenging one-jumper games. The games are designed to be safe, structured, and self-policing, relying on the fact that kids are fanatic about rules when competing with each other. Also, because everyone enjoys interactive or multiple-player games, especially kids, many of these games include players on the outside.]

* Landing improperly while jumping or doing stunts on the trampoline.

[Research shows that as kids become comfortable and adept on trampolines, they attempt more high-risk maneuvers and play more aggressively. Three of JumpSport’s accessories, the JumpCourt GamePak, Basketball Goal, and BigTop Tent, encourage kids to shift their play patterns away from riskier activities and toward safer, more challenging activities that keep them safely landing on their feet. Finally, JumpSport has developed its new JumpCourt Trampoline with kids in mind. By focusing on spring design, mat size, and frame construction our Soft-Bounce™ technology was optimized for children, and yet meets the 200lb+ ASTM requirement. This design generates one third less force upon initial impact, which should correspondingly reduce mat-impact injuries.]

Almost all of the trampolines associated with injuries were at private homes, usually in backyards. Most of the injuries occurred on full-size trampolines.Here are the steps you can take to help prevent serious trampoline injuries, especially sprains, fractures, scrapes, bruises, and cuts.

  • Allow only one person on the trampoline at a time.
  • Do not attempt or allow somersaults.
  • Do not allow trampoline to be used without shock-absorbing pads that completely cover the springs, hooks, and the frame. [The JumpCourt Safety Enclosure holds the pad in place; Trampoline pads are notorious for breaking loose and not staying in place.]
  • Place the trampoline away from structures and other play areas. Use shock-absorbent material on the ground around the perimeter. [Install a JumpCourt Safety Enclosure. It’s a less expensive, more effective solution„plus its Fun!]
  • Do not use a ladder with the trampoline because it provides unsupervised access by small children. No child under 6 years of age should use a regular-size trampoline. Secure the trampoline to prevent unauthorized and unattended use. [The JumpCourt entrance can be secured with a cable lock.]
  • Always supervise children who use a trampoline.